Do you want to grow your business, but don't have a clear path? Are you currently feeling the overwhelm and need the support of a seasoned expert?


If you are ready to work with a professional who will help you clarify your vision and create a well-defined plan for success then I'm your coach. Learn more about my various programs that will lead you in the right direction.

Human Design is a system that allows you to discover the answers to these questions by mapping how your energy interacts with the world around you. It uses your birth date, time, and location as its starting point—and then it gets really interesting.


By using Human Design, we can help you understand why certain situations make you feel stressed or uncomfortable and what kind of things bring out your best self. We can also show you how to optimize those situations so that they work for you instead of against.

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When we learn our Human Design, we learn about our Energy Types, Strategies, and Authorities—as well as Centers, Gates, Channels and more! A lot of information can be overwhelming at first, but Human Design makes it easy for anyone to understand. You'll find yourself empowered by these insights into who you are as a person—and how that relates to other people around us