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Whether running a small business or a large business, life can often get in the way of your ability to do the things that matter most. These 90 minutes will help you clarify your vision and set you up for success by defining what your business is all about, identifying potential obstacles, and setting up strategies for success.

What you'll learn:

  • What does true work-life harmony look like for me?

  • How can I define my perfect day and week?

  • How do I ensure the outcomes I want from my time spent at work?

  • How do I set boundaries to ensure that I am taking care of myself so I can be consistently there for my family, friends, and others in need?

  • When setting goals, how do I make sure they weigh out with my values?

  • How will this clarity help me do more of what's essential daily?

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Get the clarity you need using a mixture of voice and text messages with me throughout the day


1:1 Access to Me Via Voxer during the advised office hours.

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Personalized support, feedback, and strategy that are tailored to your and your businesses needs.